Case Studies
Case Study #1
Customer was operating in a DOS based environment. After an unsuccessful attempt to convert to a client server environment using internal resources, customer bid out project

Paradigm Technology Solutions completed the project for the client in a web-based environment using Microsoft ASP and Sequel server as a database.

Client achieved 50% savings over the low bidder with a 30% improvement in development time.

Case Study #2
Customer had worked 9 months with an outside contractor to develop a membership enrollment and tracking system. After it become apparent that the project was stalled, customer engaged Paradigm Technology Solutions.

In development, JSP was utilized with Linux as the operating system and Oracle as the database engine. The system was deployed on Tom Cat Application Server.

As a result both functionality & user interface were improved. Paradigm Technology Solutions was also able to deliver the project with a 50% savings over the original bid. Completion time to client was 6 weeks.

Case Study #3
Customer was struggling with a poorly designed inventory management system. After a system crash and substantial loss of critical data the client engaged Paradigm Technology Solutions to develop an inventory tracking and management system as quickly as possible.

PTS developed the system using Internet based technology. The application was developed using ASP and SQL server as the database. Project was complete in 7 weeks and was 40% below other contractors estimate.