Management Team USA
Our leadership has over 30 years of highly successful experience in senior management in the areas of Information Management, Finance, Administration, Human Resources and Accounting.

Resource Pool-USA
Our USA based resources have Over 5 years of experience in design, development and implementation of Enterprise Wide solutions, Web applications, middleware technologies like AMTrix, BizTalk and Mercator, design tools like Rational Rose, ERWin, Visio, using various tools and languages such as ASP, VB, JAVA, JSP, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.

Resource Pool-Offshore
Our offshore technical resources have expertise in the coding, testing and documentation phases. PTS provides access to a team of over 500 technical professionals with state of the art technical proficiencies in Intranet and Internet design tools. Many of the managers and senior technical leaders have first-hand working experience with Fortune 500 companies and substantial exposure to offshore software development processes and protocols.