Our Partners
NetKraft Pvt Ltd
Established in 1998, Netkraft has a focused team of over 360 professionals, which has delivered a full suite of solutions that streamlines the extended supply chain, including Intranets, Extranets, electronic catalogues and market places.

The development processes of NetKraft are SEI CMM Level 4 certified. The team has worked extensively on Microsoft DNA and Java/EJB based Technologies, and has expertise in working on commerce platform from Microsoft, ATG, Intershop & Vignette Content management Systems.

Considering that "Ease of Use" as a major factor for enduring commercial success of an online enterprise Netkraft has setup a "Usability Lab" for testing and validating the usability aspect of the crucial offerings of an online enterprise.
Contech Software Ltd
Located in the western part of India, the Contech Software Limited has been founded by experienced professionals from eminent international institutes and world-renowned companies. Established in 1990, Contech today has 200 motivated professionals.

The development processes of Contech are ISO 9001 compliant and SEI CMM Level 3 certified. Contech has been a premier provider of solutions in its chosen areas of business since its inception, which includes Control & Real time Applications, Telecom Technologies like Embedded solutions for worldwide Analog and Digital Signaling, Business Communication Systems, etc